890 Km Fence to Secure Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders

Arab News15.03.2012 Security
890 Km Fence to Secure Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders

890 Km Fence to Secure Saudi Arabia’s Northern Borders

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Preparations are currently under way to launch the 890 km-long northern borders security project.

This project is the first phase of strategic schemes the Ministry of Interior will implement along the Kingdom's borders to curb illegal infiltrations and smuggling, spokesman of the Border Guards Colonel Salem bin Saleh Al-Sulami announced this week.

“This project will represent a quantum leap in the concept of border watching. It will consist of mud walls and barbed wires with international specifications,” he said.

The Kingdom is bordered in the north by Iraq and Jordan.

He said centers for rapid deployment would also be established as part of the project to protect the northern borders.

The spokesman said four housing units for the staff and families of the Border Guards would be built in Hafr Al-Batin in the Eastern Province and in Al-Shuabah, Rafha and Al-Ouwailiqa along the northern border.

He said each complex would consist of 210 housing units, schools for boys and girls, health centers, playing grounds and training facilities.

Commander of the Border Guards Major General Zameem bin Juwaibir Al-Sawwat said the aim of the project was to achieve the highest degree of control over the borders.

He said the project would include an integrated electronic system for surveillance and control consisting of communication tools, radars and thermal cameras.

Al-Sawwat said the Border Guard personnel would receive rigorous training inside the Kingdom and abroad to upgrade their competence and skills.


Source: Arab News


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