Fincantieri Signs New UAE Navy Contract

05.10.2011 UAE
Fincantieri Signs New UAE Navy Contract

Fincantieri Signs New UAE Navy Contract

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On the occasion of the visit of Paola Romani, Italy’s Minister of Economic Development, to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Fincantieri signed a new contract with the UAE Navy within the framework of the program currently in progress.

The new contract covers further activities related to qualifying and testing the integrated vessel with both surface and underwater weapon systems.

The program with the UAE Navy regards the construction, at Riva Trigoso and Muggiano shipyards, of an anti-submarine corvette developed from the Italian Navy's Cigala Fulgosi Class, and of two innovative "Stealth" patrol vessels.

There is also an option for a second corvette and four further patrol vessels plus related logistical support.

On the occasion, Romani said: "Fincantieri is representative of the best of Italian industry and I am pleased to see a further success story. I would like to encourage the company to continue its pursuit of greater efficiency in order to be able to reach new targets in an increasingly competitive market."

Fincantieri, which has already been working with the Emirate Navy for three years, has also set up a joint venture with Al Fattan shipyard, with a view to expanding its access to markets in the Gulf area by building ships in loco while providing support services to the Navy.


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