Syrian Arms Imports Surge in 2007-2011

SIPRI19.03.2012 Syria
Syrian Arms Imports Surge in 2007-2011

Syrian Arms Imports Surge in 2007-2011

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A new report on conventional arms transfers shows Syria imported nearly six times more weapons in 2007-2011 than in the previous five-year period, with Russia accounting for 72% of the arms supplies.

The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) says major Russian arms deliveries to Syria included air defense systems and anti-ship missiles which have no direct use in the current unrest in the Arab state, according to The Associated Press.

But SIPRI researcher Pieter Wezeman says the weapons have upgraded the regime’s capability to defend against outside intervention. (AP; SIPRI)

Syria has one of the most robust SAM networks in the Middle East. The following strategic SAM Systems are currently in service as part of the fixed air defense network: S-75 (SA-2 GUIDELINE), S-125 (SA-3 GOA), and S-200 (SA-5 GAMMON).

The 2K12 (SA-6 GAINFUL) tactical SAM system is also employed at a number of fixed sites to provide additional support to the purpose-built strategic systems.


Source: AP; SIPRI; Air Power Australia



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