Russia, Sudan to Boost Defense Cooperation

Flag of Sudan Tass28.05.2019 Sudan
Russia, Sudan to Boost Defense Cooperation

Russia, Sudan to Boost Defense Cooperation

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Russia and Sudan are ready to continue boosting defense ties, TASS news agency quoted an agreement on defense cooperation between the two countries published on Russia’s government website containing legal information on Friday.

 The agreement, which came into force on May 9, outlines areas for defense cooperation between Russia and Sudan, which include the exchange of views and information on political and defense issues, ways to ensure mutual trust and global security, the exchange of peacekeeping experience related to UN-sponsored operations, as well as joint maritime search and rescue activities and military training.

 The agreement points out that warships and warplanes can make visits at the other party’s invitation. The document will remain in effect for seven years.

 Russia also signed a bilateral agreement to send military “specialists” to the Republic of Congo to advise their counterparts and repair Soviet equipment in a move that further increases Moscow’s footprint on the continent.

 The Republic of Congo is the latest sub-Saharan African nation where Russia has stepped up its presence recently. Since Western nations sanctioned Russia for annexing Crimea in 2014, Moscow has signed at least 20 military cooperation deals in sub-Saharan Africa, including with Ethiopia, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

 “This is a new contract but, as a whole, continues the very beautiful story that was once started called military-technical cooperation,” Russia’s Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin was quoted by Interfax as saying.

 The Russian advisers will help the Republic of Congo’s military with the upkeep of armored vehicles, rocket artillery and helicopters, Fomin said.

 Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters that Russian specialists are already on the ground there, Interfax added. 



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