Qatari Air Forces Conduct “Stricken Plane” Military Exercise

photo: QNA QNA25.04.2017 Qatar
Qatari Air Forces Conduct “Stricken Plane” Military Exercise

Qatari Air Forces Conduct “Stricken Plane” Military Exercise

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Qatar Emiri Air Forces carried out military exercise “Stricken Plane,” aimed at assessing the preparation levels of emergency units, Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported.

The exercise also aims to help the participating units gain experience on the procedures they need to follow in different positions. It also aims to provide training for dealing with potential accidents.

Commenting on the exercise was the Commander of the Qatar Emiri Air Force Major General (Pilot) Mubarak bin Mohamed Al Kumait Al Khayarin and said that the exercise was one of the most vital routine trainings on dealing with accidents related to the air force or other state institutions. It is one of many exercises that the air force holds to improve the alert level and preparation of its individuals and units, the commander added.

He added that there were a large number of local, regional, and international exercises that focus on dealing with bigger crises such as oil leaks, forest fires. Those exercises focus also on how to manage such events, the commander said. Al Khayarain gave an example with The Eagle Resolve (Hasm Al Oqban) exercise that took place in Kuwait and Qatar participated in alongside other GCC forces.

The Commander of the Qatar Emiri Air Force said that all those exercises are then evaluated by the armed forces to stand on the benefits and develop future training exercises.

Stricken Plane exercise simulates a scenario were a C17 military transport aircraft, as a result of an over-heated engine, catches fire while emptying a highly flammable shipment. The units participating in the exercise must then follow the procedures that include informing the Civil Aviation Authority, the medical services department at the armed forces, the Ministry of Public Health and the Hamad International Airport's emergency planning and crisis management department.

The Commander stressed that the equipment used in the exercise are state of the art and can deal with different buildings, whether factories or towers, as well as the largest and most modern planes depending on the accident. He added that the personnel who took part received training of the highest level.

Meanwhile, Major General (Pilot) Mohammed Hassan Al Qahtani said that the exercise is an annual one focused on improving the level of cooperation and harmony between the units when dealing with such accidents.

He further expressed his satisfaction at the performance levels throughout the exercise this year. He noted that there were more than 200 individuals who took part this year and cooperated using modern technology and equipment to carry out their mission.



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