Kuwaiti Minister of Defense: Military Personnel Salary Raise

Al Madar12.11.2010 Kuwait
Kuwaiti Minister of Defense: Military Personnel Salary Raise

Kuwaiti Minister of Defense: Military Personnel Salary Raise

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Kuwait’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah announced that he will seek to amend an article in the government's plan concerning the pay increase for Kuwaiti military personnel so that it would be "by a decree rather than by a law."

Sheikh Jaber discussed his new approach, in order to make passing the article easier, during the regular National Assembly this past week.

According to legal experts, decrees do not require approval from members of the National Assembly nor the Fatwa or Jurisprudence Committee. Lawmaking procedures are subject to a series of processes which often cause delays, sometimes up to six months. However, sources in the military noted that Sheikh Jaber's legislative strategy has no relation to the legal speculation
but goes to benefit active servicemen.

"Our military servicemen are a heroic group of individuals," Sheikh Jaber said. "Public service is a cornerstone of our society and we must look after those who provide security for our nation and our region."

Increases will be based according to rank. Those Kuwaiti nationals in the military with a rank of Colonel or above who serve until retirement have a choice of the salary increase or a grant of 500 KD - 750 KD (US$1,789 - US$2,683).

The pay increase is part of Sheikh Jaber's plans to strengthen the military in Kuwait. The First Deputy Prime Minister has undertaken a comprehensive agenda to ensure the protection of all Kuwaiti residents.

source:  Al Madar



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