DCI-NAVFCO Rewards Naval Kuwaiti Graduates

21.07.2010 Kuwait
DCI-NAVFCO Rewards Naval Kuwaiti Graduates

DCI-NAVFCO Rewards Naval Kuwaiti Graduates

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DCI-NAVFCO, the Naval branch of Defense Conseil International, partnered with the French Navy to reward the new Naval Officers Graduates from Kuwait of the Lanveoc Poulmic’s French Navy instruction (CENOE).

The Kuwaiti Navy Cadets just completed their 3rd year program focusing on advanced maritime training and scientific and technical course.

The French Navy conducts the CENOE programs with the assistance of DCI-NAVFCO. CENOE courses prepare for the Naval Officer Bridge specialty or Naval Officer Engineering Specialty Diploma. Whatever the specialty, the program and organization aim at turning out high-skill naval officers through education, teaching, and training.

«DCI is proud to accompany the Navy Cadets from Kuwait during the 3 years spent in Brest, » said Jean-Louis Rotrubin, DCI’s CEO. « For more than 30 years, DCI-NAVFCO offers pedagogical and technical assistance services to foreign navies and we have acquired a unique know-how in the preparation of adapted programs for individual training of Officers.”



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