Asiri: “GCC Forces on Highest Combat Readiness”

QNA01.12.2016 KSA
Asiri: “GCC Forces on Highest Combat Readiness”

Asiri: “GCC Forces on Highest Combat Readiness”

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Major General Ahmed Asiri, Adviser to the Saudi Defense Minister and Spokesman for the Alliance to support the Legitimacy in Yemen, highlighted the fraternal and solid relationship between the State of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, adding that the two countries have joined destiny with all GCC states.

Major General Asiri said that the operational understanding, harmony and compatibility among the GCC forces participating in alliance are the secret of its strength and the reason for its success.

In an interview with the Qatari daily (Al-Sharq), Asiri indicated that the aim of maneuvers carried out by the Kingdom and the Gulf states is to ensure combat readiness and raise the training level of the GCC fighter, adding that the most important messages of these maneuvers are to reassure the GCC citizen that the armed forces in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are in the highest combat readiness, and to tell the world that the GCC forces are able to protect their people and preserve their security and resources from any external threat.

Regarding Yemen truce failure, he explained that the aim of the truce is to create conditions for the possibility of a political dialogue between the Yemeni legitimate government and the coup leaders to reach a formula through which the UN resolutions applied, and for the entrance and distribution of as much of humanitarian and medical aid.

Asiri revealed that the direct cause of the failure of any truce is the lack of a political vision of the coup party, saying that Houthis and ousted Saleh did not abide by any previous truce, and this is clear in their successive violations, such as their attempts to reposition forces and launch ballistic missiles, while the legitimate government was always asking Alliance troops for cease-fire, so that there will be a truce through which humanitarian assistance can be provided to civilians.

About the Houthis’ claims that they was targeting Jeddah airport, not Mecca, he said that this excuse is uglier than the sin because the King Abdulaziz International Airport is a civilian airport and there is no military bases in.

He also noted that the airport is known for its Hajj and Umrah terminal, considering that the two targets are forbidden religiously, legally and morally. He also added that the missile was directed to Mecca and any military expert can know by simple calculation the missile route and the point of falling.

Major General Ahmed Asiri warned from the consequences of Houthis' possession of long-range missiles, saying that such type of ballistic weapons technology with the Houthis is not in the interest of the region and the world because it may be spread to Hezbollah and ISIS as well as various terrorist groups in the region, stressing that his country has advanced air defense systems able to protect the Islamic holy sites and from and terrorist gang.



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