UK Senior Defense Adviser to the Middle East Visits Bahrain

BNA Photo: BNA06.07.2017 Bahrain
UK Senior Defense Adviser to the Middle East Visits Bahrain

UK Senior Defense Adviser to the Middle East Visits Bahrain

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Bahrain’ Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa has stressed the importance of mutual understanding, collective efforts and joint coordination in consolidating peace and stability and preventing interference in domestic affairs for the aim of subverting countries’ security and stability, Bahrain News Agency (BNA) reported.

“Those who have suffered from terrorism will not remain cross-handed while those seeking no good to this region are plotting against their country’s security and people’s safety,” he said.

HRH Premier underlined the Kingdom’s keenness on expanding military cooperation with the United Kingdom, as part of two countries’ steadily-growing cooperation at the bilateral or multi-lateral levels within efforts to maintain security and stability and combat terrorism.

He pointed out that the military cooperation is one aspect of the fruitful results of the solid relations between the two countries.

He affirmed that the solid nature of relations between the two kingdoms opens wider horizons for more fields of bilateral cooperation.

HRH Premier made the statements while receiving the UK Senior Defense Adviser to the Middle East, General Thomas Beckett, at the Gudaibiya Palace in Manama.

HRH Premier stressed the depth of the strategic Bahraini-British relations based on a rich history of friendship and enriched by fruitful cooperation between them, particularly in the military and defense fields.

The Prime Minister reviewed with the UK Senior Defense Adviser the latest regional and global developments, stressing the importance of international cooperation to put an end to policies aimed at interfering in the regional countries’ domestic affairs in order to subvert their security and stability.

In this regard, he praised the role played by the UK, alongside brotherly and friendly countries, in strengthening the pillars of security and stability in the region and fighting terrorism.

The UK Senior Defense Adviser praised the depth of solid long-standing relations between the two countries, hailing the role played by the government, led by HRH Premier, to bolster military cooperation between the two countries.



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