ADSB renovates Boats for Bahrain Coast Guard

28.10.2009 Bahrain

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Abu Dhabi Ship Building (ADSB) has transformed 10 Patrol Boats that were built 20 years ago in the UK into modern Crafts for the Bahrain Coast Guard.



Four retrofitted Patrol Boats were returned to the Bahrain Coast Guard today (October 28) at the ADSB site in Mussafah, marking the completion of the ten-boat refit and upgrade programme.

"The refit of the Dera'a and Saif Class boats marks the first time that ADSB has completed work for the Bahrain Coast Guard and we hope that this is the start of a long and lasting relationship," said Homaid Al Shemmari, ADSB Chairman.

"We hope that we can go on to form an even stronger partnership by maintaining the Bahrain Coast Guard fleet through our new company Gulf Logistics and Naval Support (GLNS)."

The refits were performed in three batches starting in early 2008. This enabled the Bahrain Coast Guard to keep most of their vessels in service and maintain their important role in securing waters around Bahrain during the life of the 25 month contract delivery period. The contract with the Ministry of Interior of Bahrain was entered in mid 2007.

This mid-life boat refurbishment has added an expected 15 years to the lives of the four 20m Dera'a Class Boats and the six 14m Saif Class Boats that were part of the full contract.

ADSB's work included installation of a complete new propulsion system, generators, air-conditioning plant and communications and navigation systems.

This contract is the first export order for major refits from another GCC member coast guard to ADSB.

"Previously, the only option was to outsource ship building and important upgrades for the region's Navy fleets and Coast Guards to other parts of the world," said William Saltzer, CEO of ADSB.

"We now have the talent and technological capabilities to create and refit vessels right here in Abu Dhabi as well as complete life service and maintenance support through GLNS," he added.



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