OCCAR Contracts MBDA to Launch HYDIS² Concept Phase

16.05.2024 Products
OCCAR Contracts MBDA to Launch HYDIS² Concept Phase

OCCAR Contracts MBDA to Launch HYDIS² Concept Phase

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MBDA has signed with the Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR - Organisation Conjointe de Cooperation en Matière d’Armement), a European Defence Fund grant agreement on behalf of the partners of the HYpersonic Defence Interceptor Study (HYDIS2) Consortium and a Linked Procurement Contract (member states co-funding), on 15 May, launching the HYDIS2 concept phase.

The European Commission selected the HYDIS² project for funding in July 2023 and the governments of France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands decided to co-fund.

The signature between MBDA and OCCAR marks the beginning of a three-year concept phase, a major milestone which objective is to select the most suitable and effective counter-hypersonic and anti-ballistic concept with the associated weapon architecture.

Coordinated by MBDA, this new chapter will allow the partners to:

  • Collect and harmonize the definition of operational scenarios and weapon systems interface, taking into account the European and NATO roadmaps
  • Build a joint definition of each threat based on the knowledge and expertise of all the partners involved
  • Consolidate weapon system requirements and integration in the whole engagement chain
  • Select the most suitable counter-hypersonic and anti-ballistic concept of interceptor for European nations’ needs, with the associated weapon system architecture to prepare an Assessment Phase and aim at an in-service date at 2035 horizon
  • Mature the technologies that enable the implementation of the counter-hypersonic concept in the next programme phase
  • Create the industrial network to develop the future counter-hypersonic missile systems

MBDA coordinates the HYDIS² consortium, bringing together 19 partners and more than 20 subcontractors in 14 European countries. Along with MBDA in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, the partners are ArianeGroup, AVIO, Avio Aero, Bayern-Chemie, CIRA, DLR, GKN Fokker, LYNRED, OHB System AG, ONERA, ROXEL France, THALES LAS France, TDW, THALES Netherlands and TNO. HYDIS² is a central element of the contribution of European states to the mission of defending populations and armed forces, in particular against emerging hypersonic threats, which constitute a radical change with respect to ballistic ones.

MBDA is a unique multi-national European group, a world-leader in the field of complex weapon systems, playing a key role in keeping nations safe. Created in the spirit of international co-operation, MBDA and its 14,000+ employees work together to support the national sovereignty of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and their allies worldwide.

As an accelerator for innovation, MBDA is the only European group capable of designing and manufacturing complex weapons to meet the full range of current and future operational requirements of the three armed forces (land, sea and air).

Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Leonardo (25%) jointly own MBDA.




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