Russian President Meets Top National Military Officials & Industrialists

LAGUK Photo: Iskander Tactical Missile System © High Precision Weapons Holding Yury Laskin03.06.2021 Russia
Russian President Meets Top National Military Officials & Industrialists

Russian President Meets Top National Military Officials & Industrialists

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Russian President Vladimir Putin held several meetings with a top ranked military officials and industrialists this past week. The announced goal was to determine “organizational and economic solutions on strengthening the Army, the Navy and the military-industrial complex” of Russia. The national media disclosed several details of these “working meetings”.

The Supreme Commander stated that recent military conflicts have shown a decisive role of various cruise missiles and guided munitions. He stated that the Russian Armed forces have been receiving the latest long-range cruise missiles Kh-101, Caliber and Iskander cruise and ballistic operational-tactical missiles, multiple launch rocket systems, as well as various guided aerial bombs.

The Russian leader mentioned those weaponry are equal or surpass all foreign counterparts with some not having a parallel in the world. The weapons have been combat tested in Syria to prove their characteristics.

The Russian President stated that “it is important to maintain the necessary rates of production of modern strike weapons for their use and testing in the course of intensive combat training and education”.

The national leaders in the field of smart weaponry are Tactical Missile Corporation and High Precision Weapons Holding.

Mr. Putin also paid special attention to the military transport aviation further development. He noted that a well-coordinated work and high readiness of the aircraft fleet largely determine the mobility of troops and the possibility of their rapid deployment over long distances. Addressing to the audience he said “let me remind you that this is of particular importance for our country with its vast territory, the largest territory in the world, so that our army should be compact, as we always say, but effective. This is also important for successful amphibious operations”.

The Russian President admitted that a number of the Antonov An-124 super-heavy transport aircraft have been maintained keeping operational by using “domestic components”. In other words, the Ruslan serviceability has been kept with no involvement of the Ukrainian companies.

Vladimir Putin also mentioned that the state tests of the Il-112V light transport aircraft were almost completed with two vehicles to be handled to the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS) this year. He stated the production of IL-76 was resumed on a new technological basis. By the end of the year, five newly produced Il-76MD-90A aircraft to enter service with VKS.

Mr. Putin also said that the Ministry of Defense “requires a significantly larger number of military transport aircraft and helicopters”. The audience was asked “to define measures to increase the rate of production and modernize military transport aviation”.



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