Russian Ground Forces to Participate in 9 International Drills in 2021

TASS; Photo © Russian Defense Ministry; T-80BVM Tank08.01.2021 North America
Russian Ground Forces to Participate in 9 International Drills in 2021

Russian Ground Forces to Participate in 9 International Drills in 2021

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Russia’s Ground Forces will take part in nine international drills in 2021, eight of which will be held in Russia, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

“Nine joint military exercises involving Russia’s Ground Forces and foreign troops are scheduled to take place in 2021 as part of international defense cooperation,” the statement reads.

According to the Defense Ministry, Russia is expected to host six bilateral drills, including Russian-Algerian drills, the Indra-2021 Russian-Indian exercise, the Friendship-2021 Russian-Pakistani exercise, the Laros-2021 Russian-Laotian drills, Russian-Vietnamese tank exercises and Russia-Sri Lankan anti-terrorism exercise.

“In addition, the Peace Mission 2020 joint anti-terrorist drills involving Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries and the Unbreakable Brotherhood 2021 exercise involving the peacekeeping forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization are also expected to take place in Russia,” the statement said.

The Ministry added that Russian troops would also participate in the Selenga 2021 Russian-Mongolian exercise.

“All exercises will be aimed at boosting peacekeeping and counterterrorism efforts,” the Russian Defense Ministry emphasized.

Meanwhile, The Russian Strategic Missile Forces will conduct over 200 exercises of various levels in 2021, the Defense Ministry reported on Sunday.

“In 2021, the Strategic Missile Forces will have than 200 exercises of various levels, including tactical and special tactical exercises with missile regiments and missile divisions, as well as a number of command-and-staff exercises with missile formations,” the Ministry said.

“The intensity of activities during the exercises will change significantly with a general tendency to maintain their duration,” the Ministry went on to say.

In 2020, the Strategic Missile Forces also conducted over 200 command-and-staff and tactical exercises.



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