Oshkosh Defense: $158 Million Order for U.S. Marine Corps Heavy Fleet

10.02.2010 North America

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Oshkosh Corporation announced  that its Defense Division received a delivery order to an existing contract valued at more than $158 million from the U.S. Marine Corps Systems Command for more than 400 Logistics Vehicle System Replacements (LVSR).





The order brings the total number of LVSRs under contract to nearly 1,300. With this latest order, LVSR production and delivery is extended into July 2011. More than 385 MKR18 cargo variants will be produced under the order. The remaining variants will be MKR16 tractors.

“The Oshkosh® LVSR is among the world’s most advanced logistics platforms and offers the U.S. Marine Corps a technologically sophisticated, heavy-payload vehicle to answer the call in even the most arduous conditions,” said Andy Hove, Oshkosh Corporation Executive Vice President and President, Defense. “The vehicle’s off-road capabilities only make it more versatile when transporting heavy equipment, fuel and other supplies to the front line.”

The Oshkosh LVSR vehicle is equipped with the Oshkosh Command Zone™ embedded diagnostics system and the company’s patented TAK-4® independent suspension system for superior off-road mobility in the most severe environments. The LVSR comes in three variants – cargo, wrecker and fifth-wheel – and features an on-road payload capacity of 22.5 tons and an off-road payload capacity of 16.5 tons. The first LVSRs started arriving in Afghanistan in September 2009.




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