New Governance for the GIAT Industries Group

10.12.2015 Europe
New Governance for the GIAT Industries Group

GIAT (Nexter) AMX-56 Leclerc Main Battle Tank (MBT) of the UAE Armed Forces at IDEX 2013.

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During the meeting of the Board of Directors of GIAT Industries, the decision was made to change the governance of the companies of the Group in order to adapt it to its new configuration within the Kant project framework.

Therefore, as the closing of the Kant project is expected within the next few days, GIAT Industries, alongside the Wegmann family holding company, will hold 50% of the capital of Newco, which controls 100% of the capital of Nexter Systems and KMW.

In this configuration, the Chairman of GIAT Industries cannot hold this position in addition to the responsibilities of being a member of the Newco management board and Chairman of Nexter Systems.

For this reason the governance of the companies GIAT Industries, SNPE Explosives & Propellants and Eurenco shall be organized as follows:

  • A renewed board of directors at GIAT Industries with a new Chairman and CEO,
  • A renewed board of directors at SNPE with the same Chairman and CEO as GIAT Industries, who will also chair the Board of Directors of Eurenco.

Regarding Nexter Systems, the Group’s governance will be determined by Newco in accordance with agreements that have already been made. The governance of Newco will therefore consist of:

  • A supervisory board of seven members, including one independent Chairman, one independent member appointed by each party and two representatives of each party,
  • A management board composed of the Chairman of the Nexter Group and the Chairman of the KMW Group.

On closing day, Mr. Philippe Burtin will surrender his Group mandates to the Board, including that of Nexter Systems.

GIAT Industries will propose a new representative to the positions of co-CEO of Newco and Chairman of the Nexter Systems’ Board of Directors.

GIAT Industries is a fully-owned holding company of Nexter Systems, the world-renowned systems supplier and integrator for land-based weapons systems with specialist knowledge of every detail of air-land combat systems, SNPE Explosives & Propellants and Eurenco, European specialists in energetic materials.



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