DCNS wins contract to supply torpedo countermeasures

05.10.2009 Europe

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On 2 September 2009, DCNS signed a contract to supply and install torpedo countermeasures for the French Navy’s entire submarine fleet. This new success further strengthens the Group’s international standing as a world leader in Underwater Weapons.


The contract signed with the French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) calls for the supply and installation of Nemesis torpedo countermeasure systems on the French Submarine fleet which consists exclusively of nuclear-powered types.

Nemesis counters enemy torpedoes by either jamming their sensors or launching decoys until they lose contact with their target which can then leave the area safely.

Nemesis is designed to protect submarines against all types of light- and heavyweight torpedoes. A validated innovative concept gives Nemesis the evolvability to cope with emerging threats. The system is thus highly effective against both new-generation torpedoes and older types designed in the 1970s. The new systems will replace Dilsat systems.




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