Crypto AG presents the world’s first Gigabit IP VPN Encryption

01.09.2009 Europe

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At this year’s DSEi in London, Crypto AG will introduce its latest addition to the IP VPN family: The superfast IP VPN Encryption 1 Gigabit. 

Sometimes using unprotected public and private network connections for the transmission of sensitive information cannot be avoided. As a consequence, data and information – independent of the application – are exposed to many information risks. An IP Virtual Private Network (VPN) addresses and sends data packets in such a way that only the authorised network participants can exchange them. A secure IP VPN solution builds a virtual, exclusive tunnel through public or private networks from one user to another or between several users.

IP VPN solutions from Crypto AG

IP VPN security solutions from Crypto AG have triple-play capabilities (data, voice and video) and are compatible amongst each other. There are models for every user scenario and bandwidth requirement, for example, different rack versions with data throughput capacity of up to 1 Gigabit per second for direct integration into the ICT infrastructure. For smaller offices, there is a desktop version and for more mobile uses there are portable models, such as the Crypto Mobile Client and the MultiCom Radio Encryption platform.
All systems are based on the sophisticated Crypto Security Architecture, which comprises elements such as a tamper-proof hardware module, customer-controlled and proprietary algorithm, consistent separation of encrypted and non-encrypted data streams (red/black separation), emanation-proof hardware (COMPREM) and a flexible security and network management.


Gigabit Version: The most powerful IP VPN Encryption yetThe new IP VPN Encryption HC-7845 Gigabit Version transforms a broadband IP communications network into a secure Virtual Private Network, regardless of which national or international LAN or WAN is used. With its enormous IP transmission speed of 1 Gbit/s it is capable of securing the data traffic over many types of networks. Secure point-to-point connections are possible, as are star configurations between headquarters and hundreds of offices and mobile clients.


 IP VPN Encryption HC-7845 Gigabit Version

The Crypto Mobile Client – powerful encryption on the goThe Crypto Mobile Client is a PDA-sized all-in-one solution that allows secure remote access to a central ICT infrastructure while travelling. It also provides a means of depositing documents and data in encrypted form on the cryptographically secure Flash memory, as well as the capability to receive and send encrypted e-mails. Network access is possible via Ethernet interface as well as WLAN and Bluetooth. The Crypto Mobile Client is independent of any operating system and does not require a software client on the user’s PC; power is provided via the USB port on the user’s PC or laptop. The Crypto Mobile Client Data has data throughput options of 1, 4 or 8 Mbit/s. 



MultiCom Messenger: A new application for the most versatile encryption platformThe ever popular MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 is in use with virtually all frequency ranges and operating modes. With its extremely robust and compact design, the platform meets military requirements on criteria such as water-imperviousness, climate resistance, NEMP immunity and EMC. MultiCom Radio Encryption HC-2650 has an IP data throughput as high as 10 Mbit/s. The advantages of the platform really come to the fore in inhomogeneous networks: besides IP, it also provides encryption for digital voice and digital data applications – and messaging with the new MultiCom Messenger. This latest addition to the MultiCom product range is compatible with the STANAG 5066 standard, offering a standardised, flexible user access point for various applications over the same communications path. Crypto AG also offers numerous system components that may be used to construct messaging systems: ruggedised laptops, servers, Ethernet switches, etc. can be combined to create flexible standardised systems according to individual needs. The competent setup and integration of the MultiCom Messenger into existing networks or the turn-key creation of complete new networks is also a service available from Crypto AG.




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