PHOTONIS Showcases 4G Virtual Reality Simulator

06.09.2016 Australia
PHOTONIS Showcases 4G Virtual Reality Simulator

PHOTONIS Showcases 4G Virtual Reality Simulator

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PHOTONIS has developed a unique Virtual Reality (VR) Night Vision demonstration tool that will allow visitors to the PHOTONIS stand at Land Forces Australia (06-08 September) to witness the performance benefits of 4G Night Vision.

The VR demo provides a near-realistic experience of a night-time desert battle-ground, and allows users to see the differences between 4G performance and traditional Gen3 technology. Important features displayed are the extremely reduced Halo, faster auto-gating, better distance, detection and identification range and higher image resolution. The system also provides a brief “hands-on” virtual exploded view of an image intensifier tube, explaining the technology behind PHOTONIS INTENS night vision.

The 4G standard provides the best night vision performance and mission capability to end-users. Challenging the complexity of available light conditions, the 4G performance standard detects a longer range, allowing users to see further and more details when compared with other night vision alternatives in low light. With the highest detection range and best recognition capability, 4G is also the best standard for superior target identification.

PHOTONIS is a multinational high-tech group of companies and globally recognized industry leader specialized in photo sensor imaging technologies. The company manufactures innovative electro-optic components and systems that are used to detect ions, electrons and photons. The company provides innovative and high quality sensors and components used in a wide range of applications including night vision optics, digital cameras, mass spectrometry, physics research and (aero) space exploration. Through continuous innovation, PHOTONIS is the developer of the “INTENS” image intensifier, the only night vision sensor developed according to the new 4G standard. 



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