Iranian Defense Minister: “Boosting Missile Capabilities a Top Priority”

File Photo:FNA FNA07.06.2021 Asia
Iranian Defense Minister: “Boosting Missile Capabilities a Top Priority”

Iranian Defense Minister: “Boosting Missile Capabilities a Top Priority”

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Iran’s Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami recently said that promotion of his country’s missile power is a top priority of his Ministry.

“The missile industry has made great strides in the field of manufacturing surface-to-surface and armor-piercing projectiles that in turn served to further invigorate the country’s ground battle prowess,” Hatami said, stressing that the Ministry has focused on further reinforcing of missile capability.

He pointed to the advancement of the country’s prowess in the fields of air defense and aerial, naval, and ground battle as the Ministry’s other priorities, Fars News Agency (FNA) reported.

Hatami said that despite the US illegal sanctions, the defense industry had been able to contribute know-how to the civilian sector, including the auto, oil, petrochemical, rail, telecommunications, and mining industries.

“We have been trying to deploy all the capacities on the national arena toward the creation of maximum power,” he stressed.

In relevant remarks in March, Brigadier General Hamati underscored the country’s determination to develop missile power and capabilities despite all pressures and sanctions.

Iran will continue to boost its defense and missile capabilities with utmost power, Hatami said, addressing a virtual meeting with senior officials of the Ministry of Defense on Thursday March 18.

He noted that Iran made significant progress in the defense industry in the current year despite all restrictions.

General Hatami said Iran has managed to reach its objectives in all defense areas during the current Iranian calendar year (ends on March 20) despite the enmities of the Islamic Republic’s adversaries.

He also highlighted the “significant” progresses made in Iran’s defense industry in the current year in spite of all restrictions and problems.



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