DCI to Create Regional Helicopter Training Academy in Malaysia

20.07.2016 Asia
DCI to Create Regional Helicopter Training Academy in Malaysia

DCI to Create Regional Helicopter Training Academy in Malaysia

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In the presence of Deputy Ministry of Defense Malaysia, Major Flagship Sdn Bhd and Défense Conseil International (DCI) have entered into an agreement to develop and implement a Helicopter Training Academy in Malaysia to address both Malaysia and ASEAN requirements.

Jean Michel Palagos stated: “The creation of this training academy illustrates what DCI stands for: transferring the best know-how of the French armed forces to France’s friendlies countries to enhance their capability. I am delighted by this extremely ambitious project because it stands as testimony of the close relationship between DCI and our Malaysian partner. DCI has a renowned expertise in the helicopter field, be it in pilot training or in maintenance operations, and will now share it with Malaysia in this academy. This is a major step forward for both parties and together we are confident that it will prove a major success.”

 Helang Training Sdn Bhd is committed to providing excellence in training among other values such as safety and giving access to highest training standards matching with Customers operating environment from modern training facilities in Malaysia and a mixed fleet of single and twin engines helicopters.

“We listened to our future customers and saw an increased demand for Helicopter training in the region especially in providing initial pilot training and to complement with specific mission training for Military and Governmental customers. DCI’s vast experience in this specific field associated to our vision and knowledge in Customer’s requirements will enhance helicopters operations and mission readiness in the region” said Datuk Ahmad Zaki Zahid.

DCI’s mission is to transfer French military know-how to the armed forces of nations friendly with France. DCI is the reference operator of the French Ministry of Defence, offering services that are certified “French Forces Training”. For over 40 years, it has been present across the full spectrum of defense and national security services, offering Consulting, Training and Technical Assistance.

Through its capacity-based approach, DCI offers countries that are friendly with France customized solutions for personnel training and equipment maintenance. In addition to its Paris headquarters, DCI operates several international training centers throughout France. It also has bases outside France: in Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in Southeast Asia with Malaysia and Singapore and, more recently, in India and Brunei.

DCI is continuing to expand internationally with innovative, high added-value services through the development of new partnerships, particularly in Asia and Latin America. The DCI group has 986 employees and reported sales of €227.5 million in 2015, which represents 35% growth over the past five years. 2015 saw a substantial increase in orders, up more than 30% from 2014, to reach €233.3 million. This boosted the order book of DCI and its wholly-owned subsidiary DCI-SA to the equivalent of 1.6 years’ sales.



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