RUAG Space Wins First Contract in India

23.07.2013 Asia
RUAG Space Wins First Contract in India

RUAG Space Wins First Contract in India

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RUAG Space has succeeded in entering India's young but expanding space market by obtaining a contract for the supply of satellite test equipment. Thanks to intensive marketing efforts on the Asian continent, backed by decades of experience in the field of ground test equipment for satellites, RUAG Space in Vienna has finally brought home its first contract from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). The so-called clamp band, a special, high-tech band used to clamp satellites in place during testing on the ground, will be delivered before the end of this year.

To ensure that satellites remain firmly anchored to the nose of the launch vehicle, they are equipped with a special clamping device on their underside. A reusable clamp band attaches the satellite to each of various items of test equipment during the integration and test phase, ensuring that it remains firmly in place throughout the tests. The clamp band is extremely robust and its design is tailored to meet each customer's specific requirements, to ensure that it is capable of withstanding high mechanical loads, for instance during vibration tests. Its strength with respect to the required characteristics is calculated on the basis of computer simulations during the development phase and verified afterwards by means of extensive hydraulic tests.

As part of its growth strategy, RUAG Space has been investigating a number of non-European markets for some time now. Asia is an important focus for these activities, because it represents the second-fastest growing market for space technology after the United States. Following initial successes in China and Japan, this new Indian contract has enabled the company to penetrate yet another major Asian market. India has demonstrated some remarkable achievements with its own satellites and launch vehicles since it started to develop its domestic space industry. But in recent years the country has also begun to offer openings to suppliers based outside India.

The ISRO contract was awarded directly to RUAG Space in Vienna. Delivery is expected to take place before the end of the year. As a result of this first step into the Indian space market, RUAG Space hopes that other potential customers in this region will be convinced of the quality of its products and award further contracts.


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