Long-Range Kornet ATGM Scheduled for Trials

06.11.2022 Russia
Long-Range Kornet ATGM Scheduled for Trials

Long-Range Kornet ATGM Scheduled for Trials

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The long-range version of the well-known Kornet anti-tank guided missile system (ATGM) is set for the state trials. The final tests are a mandatory step for a serial production for the Russian Armed Forces. The new weapon received Kornet-D1 designation which means “long distance”. The Russian media had quoted Bekhan Ozdoev, Industrial director of the Rostec Corporation weapons complex.

“The bulk of the preliminary tests of the Kornet-D1 self-propelled ATGM for the Airborne Forces, mounted on the BMD-4M chassis, including firing tests, have been completed with positive results,” claimed Mr. Ozdoev.

According to him, “the production of a pilot batch for state trials is already underway.”

The new Kornet-D1 is mounted on the BMD-4M airborne type combat vehicle being equipped with two automated launchers. Each launcher employs its own thermal imaging sight to allow simultaneous firing on two targets.

The Kornet-D1 employs two types of new missiles: the antitank with a cumulative warhead has a range up to 8 km while the one with a thermobaric warhead has a range up to 10 km.

Missiles of the second type have a non-contact target sensor, to be used against low-speed air targets as well.

The Kornet combat vehicles can form up units being head by a platoon commander’s vehicle with reconnaissance and target designation equipment to provide real-time communication among the unit and senior command.

The Kornet weapon system has been developed by the Tula-based Shipunov KBP Design Bureau, now High Precision Weapons Holding subsidiary.

The Kornet ATGM is one of the Russia’s defense export best sellers. For example, combat qualities of the system have been recently praised by the Serbian President Alexandar Vucic who witnessed the Kornet performance during life firing drills in the South-East of Serbia. Serbia being one of the largest importers of Russian weapons, operates in particular the Pantsir-S1ADS also developed by KBP Design Bureau.

The Kornet export version designated as Kornet-E had also been reported to be used extensively over local conflicts throughout the Middle East.




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