MBDA’s Naval Cruise Missiles Perform Simultaneous Firing

01.05.2024 Europe
MBDA’s Naval Cruise Missiles Perform Simultaneous Firing

MBDA’s Naval Cruise Missiles Perform Simultaneous Firing

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The French Navy (Marine Nationale) has successfully fired MBDA’s Naval Cruise Missiles (NCM, or Missile de Croisière Naval (MdCN)) simultaneously from both the multi-mission frigate Aquitaine (FREMM ASM) and a nuclear-powered attack submarine (Suffren class), with the missiles striking the same target at the same time with pinpoint accuracy as part of training exercises on the 18th April 2024.

This double firing was performed with the technical support of the French Armament General Directorate (DGA).

Eric Béranger, CEO of MBDA, said: “Congratulations to the French Navy’s officers, non-commissioned officers and mariners engaged on this very first synchronized firing of NCMs from a multi-mission frigate and from a nuclear-powered attack submarine.”

“This success, a first of its kind, demonstrates the capability offered by NCM in the current context of strategic competition and high intensity warfare, as well as the outstanding ability of the French Navy to perform a complex strike from the sea. The double firing is a clear illustration of the partnership for excellence between MBDA’s teams of experts, the French Navy and DGA to ensure battle-readiness,” he added.

NCM offers the ability to strike a wide range of targets with very high terminal accuracy at very long stand-off ranges. It is the only European very long-range naval cruise missile launched from both submersed submarines and surface warships, day or night in any weather conditions.

Derived from combat proven air-launched Storm Shadow/SCALP long range deep strike missiles, NCM has some specific modifications including, extended range, a new generation of GNSS capability, highly accurate time-on-target (TOT) capability and a radar cross section (RCS) reduction design. NCM offers unmatched penetration deep into hostile territory with high survivability, guaranteeing mission success.

With NCM and MBDA’s industrial capabilities, France belongs to an exclusive club of countries capable of firing cruise missiles from, and below, the surface of the sea.

MBDA is spirally developing the capabilities of NCM to keep its performance at the forefront of deep strike capability, and on its integration onto additional platforms. MBDA is actively engaged in several international export campaigns for NCM, offering to its customers an outstanding cruise missile for the coming decades.

MBDA is a unique multi-national European group, a world-leader in the field of complex weapon systems, playing a key role in keeping nations safe. Created in the spirit of international cooperation, MBDA and its 14,000+ employees work together to support the national sovereignty of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK, and their allies worldwide.

As an accelerator for innovation, MBDA is the only European group capable of designing and manufacturing complex weapons to meet the full range of current and future operational requirements of the three armed forces (land, sea and air).

Airbus (37.5%), BAE Systems (37.5%) and Leonardo (25%) jointly own MBDA. (Photo © Marine Nationale)



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