MAURIC Naval Architect & Ship Designer Adopts New Brand Identity

09.06.2023 Europe
MAURIC Naval Architect & Ship Designer Adopts New Brand Identity

MAURIC Naval Architect & Ship Designer Adopts New Brand Identity

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Today MAURIC adopts a new brand identity to reaffirm its membership of Exail and MAURIC’s values of expertise, know-how, experience, creativity, technological innovation and research of performance that have always accompanied ship projects designed by MAURIC.

In November 2016, MAURIC entered within ECA Group, which became the main stakeholder via a stake of up to 60% of its capital. In October 2022, following the acquisition of iXblue by Group Gorgé, iXblue and ECA Group announced that both companies will be operating under a new joint brand: Exail. With this alliance, Exail becomes a global high-tech industrial champion specialized in cutting-edge robotics, maritime, navigation, aerospace and photonics technologies.

MAURIC is committed to offer ship designs and marine engineering services answering our clients' challenges, whether they are security, environmental or societal. MAURIC, by delivering state of the art designs of patrol and security vessels, safe and efficient workboats and passenger vessels, is by the side of shipowners and shipyards that develop a safer and more environmentally friendly maritime sector.

Already contributing to Exail projects by delivering USV Inspector 125 platforms for Exail MMCM toolbox or marine engineering services for MCMV modernization projects, MAURIC will benefit from the new synergies created with Exail for the development of new products and systems that will continue to push back technological limits and expand our customers capabilities.

MAURIC’s new brand identity also illustrates MAURIC’s ambition to significantly participate to the decarbonization of maritime transport and operations. In 2023, MAURIC designs the 136m sailing cargo vessel Neoliner with a start of her construction this year and a delivery in 2025. Neoliner 136m is a world premiere as a Ro-Ro cargo vessel with sails as main propulsion systems reducing the greenhouse gas emissions by 80% in comparison with standard Ro-Ro vessels.

In this way, the first Zero Emission ship dedicated to the fishing sector is nowadays being designed and engineered by MAURIC (20m fishing training vessel equipped with electro-hydrogen system for energy and propulsion based on hydrogen fuel cells to serve the Lycée Professionnel Maritime et Aquacole de Bastia, France).

MAURIC’s naval architects and marine engineers include today in all our designs and projects the same values of exigency, reliability and continuous innovation serving seafarers and passengers of MAURIC ships.

MAURIC is European leader in naval architecture and marine engineering. With one team of 35 employees on three sites in France (Marseille and Nantes) and in Belgium (Brussels), MAURIC offers since 1945 a very wide range of ship designs in the sectors of defense, security, Oil and Gas, marine renewable energy, cargo or passenger transport, fishing, etc..

Beyond naval architecture, MAURIC is also a naval engineering company and more recently MAURIC has developed an offer of integration services of specific complex civilian or military systems on ships.




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