Iveco Defence Vehicles Unveils its New Logo & Visual Identity

02.06.2022 Europe
Iveco Defence Vehicles Unveils its New Logo & Visual Identity

Iveco Defence Vehicles Unveils its New Logo & Visual Identity

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With a dynamic, solid, and innovative design, the new IDV logo conveys an immediate sense of resilience, strength, and focus. The three letters are designed to represent the brand’s guiding principles and to symbolize the company’s unstoppable drive for technological advancement and its readiness to master new challenges with determination, passion, and dedication.

Proud of its past, Iveco Defence Vehicles (IDV) is looking forward to the future. The brand-new logo and the new visual identity will have their premiere at the 2022 edition of Eurosatory taking place in Paris on 13-17 May 2022.

Since 1937, Iveco Defence Vehicles has been building its solid reputation as a key player in the field of Land Defence solutions. Over the years the company has succeeded thanks to its everlasting focus on innovation, advancement, and ambition together with a great team of people whose passion and dedication embody everything Iveco Defence Vehicles stands for.

It has always been the company’s mission to be a solid, trustworthy global partner – a partner on which the customers can rely on even when facing the most demanding and extreme challenges. Whatever the circumstances, the company’s Multirole Vehicles, Tactical and Logistic Trucks and Armored Vehicles provide the customers with a complete range of solutions for on- and off-road scenarios. This customer-centric approach, combined with the continuous aspiration for excellence, contribute considerably to the brand’s position on the market.

Aware and proud of its heritage, Iveco Defence Vehicles now firmly looks to the future - stronger than ever and determined to mark this milestone with the adoption of a brand-new logo and a new visual identity. Compact, catchy, and dynamic, the new logo fully represents both the traditional and innovative guiding principles of the brand, its people, and its solutions.

Forming a single, compact body, the three letters IDV convey an immediate sense of strength, determination, and protection. The letters’ shape clearly evokes a sense of dynamism and progress – attributes which are reflected by the company’s drive for progress, always embracing new challenges such as the ever-changing needs for security, protection, and safety. IDV is ready to adapt and to respond to its customers’ evolving requirements by delivering outstanding mobility and state-of-the art protection.

IDV, a brand of Iveco Group, is dedicated to delivering innovative automotive and protection solutions to meet the needs of military customers worldwide. The company manufactures specialist logistic, protected, and armoured vehicles in its facility in Bolzano in Northern Italy, as well as marketing IVECO’s full commercial range, adapted as necessary to meet the demands of the military user. In consequence, IDV has a full range of vehicles to meet a broad spectrum of defence applications.




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