Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Sign F16 Purchase Agreement

Petra22.01.2023 Asia
Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Sign F16 Purchase Agreement

Royal Jordanian Air Force, US Sign F16 Purchase Agreement

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An Amendment to Purchase Agreement of F16 aircraft was signed at the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) Command, which includes the delivery of 12 F16 aircraft in the first phase, in the presence of a representative of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff Brigadier General Abdullah Shdeifat.

The agreement was signed by the representative of the Jordan Armed Forces (JAF) - the Arab Army, RJAF Commander, Brigadier General Mohammad Hiyasat, and on the American side, Deputy Chief of Mission at the US embassy in Jordan, Rohit Nepal, Petra news agency reported.

This agreement aims at enhancing Jordan’s defense capabilities and military deterrence, increasing the level of combat readiness and joint operations with the American side, in addition to strengthening the frameworks of joint cooperation between the two countries, and supporting joint efforts in combating terrorism and enhancing stability in the region.

In addition, Shdeifat opened a number of administrative buildings and the passenger terminal in the air transport wing.

Shdeifat toured the newly constructed buildings that serves work nature of RJAF staff and ensures performing its tasks to the fullest, with the aim of raising morale and providing them with means of comfort.

The signing ceremony was attended by JAF senior officers, and senior officials from the US side. 



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