Sukhoi Eyes Selling up to 100 SSJ100 Jets to Iran

Interfax Reuters17.02.2016 Aviation & Space
Sukhoi Eyes Selling up to 100 SSJ100 Jets to Iran

Sukhoi Eyes Selling up to 100 SSJ100 Jets to Iran

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Russia could deliver up to 100 of its Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) short-haul passenger aircraft to Iran, Interfax news agency quoted the Vice President of Russia's state-controlled United Aircraft Corporation as saying on Tuesday.

The lifting of economic sanctions on Iran has brought the Middle East nation back into the global commerce arena, boosting aircraft demand from the region's carriers while Sukhoi seeks markets for the first Russian-designed passenger plane built after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

“We have studied the potential market, as well as the needs of Iranian airlines as far as regional jets are concerned. According to various estimates, one can talk of up to 100 (SSJ 100) units there,” Interfax quoted Vladislav Masalov as saying on the sidelines of the ongoing Singapore Airshow.

He gave no time frame or any further detail on possible sales of the planes to Iran.

United Aircraft Corporation is the body that consolidated the assets of Russia's private and state-controlled civilian and military aircraft makers, including Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company.

Sukhoi, better known as a producer of military aircraft, said in November that it plans to boost annual production of short-haul jets to 200 from 60 by 2020, banking on demand from at least five Middle East customers, including Iran.



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