Airbus Awards TAI Production of A320 Section 19 Panels

05.05.2015 Aviation & Space
Airbus Awards TAI Production of A320 Section 19 Panels

Airbus Awards TAI Production of A320 Section 19 Panels

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Airbus and Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) signed another work package deal in their ever growing relationship. The contract was signed Airbus and TAI Executives.

Airbus and TAI relationship dates back from nearly 20 years with the manufacturing of Section 18 fuselage panels for the A320 Family for which TAI is the single source supplier since 2014. Since then, the relationship is continuously expanding over the years based on the confidence built between the two companies. The new contract signed today gives TAI the responsibility to manufacture another section of Airbus A320 Family called Section 19.

Section 18 and Section 19 are significant portions of the fuselage of Airbus A320 Family aircraft. With such impressive components TAI is assuming a higher level of responsibility in supporting the ever growing production of Airbus' best seller aircraft.

Today marks another important milestone for Airbus and TAI with the first delivery of an A330 rudder, following a contract signed two years ago. This component is one of the critical control surface of A330 aircraft which was made of carbon fiber material. With the start of first delivery, TAI is going to become single source supplier for this impressive component for as long as A330 is manufactured.

“TAI's workmanship quality, competitive prices and timely delivery performance paved the way for enhancing our relationship as well as growing our presence in the Turkish industry with our modern aircraft family” said Klaus Richter, Chief Procurement Officer Airbus Group and Airbus.

“When we look at the overall Airbus and TAI relationship, we also have to underline the work TAI performs for the A400M and A350 XWB. Both programs are on the serial ramp up phase and deliveries are performed as per schedule,” he added.

“All of these activities demonstrate the fact that Airbus and TAI relationship is beyond a simple supplier customer relationship, it is rather a strategic partnership which carries potential to grow even further,” said Muharrem Dörtkaşlı, President & CEO of TAI.

As aviation grows to meet the travel needs and business demands all over the world, Airbus continuously strive to provide top performing aircraft to meet market demand. TAI is continuously improving its methods, procedures, and engineering capabilities to produce more sophisticated components for Airbus, investing further in the aerostructure sector and creating a strong supply chain within Turkey.



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