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24.12.2009 Media Kit



Arabian Defence & Aerospace Business

Launched in 1993 by Al-Iktissad Wal- Aamal (the leading Pan Arab Business magazine), and the Mönch Publishing Group, AL DEFAIYA stands today at the forefront of the defence/aerospace scene in the Arab world.

AL DEFAIYA’s uniqueness stems from several aspects, including:

a) local know-how coupled with a renowned international expertise and an unparalleled network of field offices spread throughout the world.
b) second-to-none editorial offering the largest range of locally tailored surveys, backed by regular interviews with Arab Defence Ministers, local, regional and international experts.
c) full independence that has earned it the esteem of the highest officials in over 15 Arab countries.
d) close contact with local offset bureaux and offset companies, regional delegates, Arab military attachés in Europe and the U.S., and other prominent players.
e) wide scope of circulation reaching top decision makers in the political, military, industrial, financial, and intellectual arenas.
f) unique source of market research and data, including the one and only ARABIC WORLD DEFENCE ALMANAC.
g) active participation in all regional, and most international, defence/ aerospace exhibitions.




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