Zayed Military University Launched in UAE - A First in the Region

03.11.2021 UAE
Zayed Military University Launched in UAE - A First in the Region

Zayed Military University Launched in UAE - A First in the Region

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Following the directive of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the United Arab Emirates, Zayed Military University was launched today, with the aim of preparing and training the next generation of military and security officers, reinforcing the UAE’s commitment to protecting the security of the state.

Zayed Military University aims to be a world-leading facility, attracting the UAE’s most distinguished young talent to serve the country, while applying the highest standards of education and training to prepare cadets for future security challenges.

His Excellency Mohammed Ahmed Al Bowardi, Minister of State for Defence Affairs said: “As the UAE approaches its 50th anniversary celebrations, we are pleased to announce a new chapter in the development of the country’s military education sector – based on investment in young Emiratis. We have seen remarkable progress across all sectors in our country, and this is what motivates us, more than ever, to keep pace with development witnessed by the state, especially in the military sector.”

“We must follow in the same footsteps and aim to reach the highest levels of efficiency at the national level so we can raise the level of military and academic education, refine the capabilities of the cadets and provide them with knowledge and expertise. This approach is aligned with the aspirations of our country in order to protect and preserve our gains, develop our capabilities and complete the country’s development and construction journey,” he noted.

“We are very proud of the impressive gains made by the United Arab Emirates so far, and of the achievements that have resonated around the world during our first half century. There is no doubt that education and preparing future generations are essential elements of future success and building on these achievements. In the defence sector, we are overwhelmed with feelings of pride towards the sons of our armed forces and military colleges, which have worked diligently to prepare our military. They have served their country with pride and dignity, and made many sacrifices in order to keep the flag of the nation raised high in the sky,” Al Bowardi stressed.

“On this day, we stress the importance of the continuous work that contributed to the completion of this project, under the generous directives and guidance of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and we look forward to seeing the first intake of UAE military cadets entering Zayed Military University. They will gain the necessary professional and academic experiences and refine their leadership skills, learning a range of competencies that will keep the UAE on the path of modernity and development in the post-50 military establishment,” he concluded.

Zayed Military University is established to coach, mentor, educate and train the next generation of Land, Navy, Air Force and Police officers to be competent, knowledgeable, professional and resilient leaders capable of defending and protecting the UAE and its national interests. Its mission is to provide Emirati military and security officers with a comprehensive and broad-based university education within a military environment. In addition to developing the candidates’ personality and upgrading their capabilities and professional expertise.

A number of teachers and officers with world-class experiences in the military and educational fields are currently being recruited to support the strategic goals of the university's establishment and to develop a comprehensive approach to academic courses, while providing the highest level of teaching standards that ensure that candidates acquire the necessary scientific and field skills after graduation. It will also focus on the non-military educational aspect within the strategic partnership program in cooperation with Rabdan Academy, the technical and operational arm of the university.

Brigadier General Waleed Al Naqbi Deputy Commandant of Zayed Military University said: “Zayed Military University represents a new step and a qualitative leap in the military education path as part of the UAE's endeavors to provide a superior level of military training, prepare and equip future leaders, and promote a high level of harmony and integration among officers. The military and security corps of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior, and the consolidation of integrative work in the relevant state institutions by adopting a single comprehensive vision for the sake of serving the country.”

“The first batch of military cadets is preparing to enter history, as we are approaching the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of the founding of the UAE and embarking on the journey of the next fifty years that will witness more achievements. There is no doubt that the challenges of the modern era require providing appropriate solutions, and this is exactly what we seek. Through the establishment of Zayed Military University, there is no doubt that the graduates will be ready to serve their homeland, whose love is linked to their hearts, and we are now preparing to embark on this journey,” Al Naqbi added.

The ZMU’s first batch of 100 cadets are being selected currently, with the course getting underway in January 2022. This group will be selected from a wider pool of candidates entering a career in the Armed Forces or the Police. A rigorous application procedure is in place with those applying needing to pass stringent health, physical, and educational standard to be considered.

After the three-year program at Zayed Military University, cadets will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Defense and Security through the program held in cooperation with Rabdan Academy.



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