US Worried about Syria’s Chemical Weapons

Agence France Presse (AFP)16.07.2012 Syria
US Worried about Syria’s Chemical Weapons

US Worried about Syria’s Chemical Weapons

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The US said Friday that Syrian officials would be “held accountable” if they failed to safeguard the country's chemical weapons after a report suggested some were being moved out of storage.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that intelligence reports suggested some chemical weapons were on the move, but the reasons for the transfers were unclear.

It said some US officials feared the weapons could be used against rebels, while others believed the material was being deliberately hidden from armed opposition groups or Western powers.

“We have repeatedly made it clear that the Syrian government has a responsibility to safeguard its stockpiles of chemical weapons,” spokeswoman for the US State Department Victoria Nuland told reporters.

“The international community will hold accountable any Syrian officials who fail to meet that obligation,” she added in a statement during a trip by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Cambodia.

The Wall Street Journal said the Obama administration was “particularly worried about Syria's stocks of sarin gas, the deadly and versatile nerve agent”.

Syria is also believed to have reserves of mustard gas and cyanide.

Source: AFP; The Wall Street Journal



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