Bahrain Preparing Emergency Plan if Syria is Hit

Gulf Daily News – GDN05.09.2013 Bahrain
Bahrain Preparing Emergency Plan if Syria is Hit

Bahrain Preparing Emergency Plan if Syria is Hit

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Bahrain’s government bodies are taking all precautionary measures as part of the Kingdom’s emergency plan amidst a possible military strike against Syria, according to a top official.

There is no imminent threat to the country, Minister of State for Information Affairs and government spokeswoman Sameera Rajab (photo) was quoted as saying in Gulf Daily News.

“All precautions are undertaken and Ministries are doing their role as part of such measures for any emergency plan,” she said during this week’s Cabinet Press.

“There is no talk on threats to security and we are talking of an Arab stance to what is happening in Syria. Bahrain is with the Arab League's stance and we are waiting to know of the latest development on the matter,” she added.

Reports suggest the US and its allies are gearing up for military action in Syria if the regime is found to have carried out an alleged chemical weapons attack on August 21.

However, US President Barack Obama delayed the decision for a missile attack to consult Congress while the British parliament vetoed any involvement.

France had said it could not act alone against Syria if the US stepped back its decision for the looming strike. Opposition activists claim at least 500 people were killed in a poison gas attack, which is now being investigated by United Nations inspectors. Iran has warned against foreign military intervention against its allies in power in Syria - saying the resulting conflict would engulf the region.


Source: Gulf Daily News



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