Baykar’s KEMANKEŞ 2 Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile Completes First Firing Test

28.04.2024 Products
Baykar’s KEMANKEŞ 2 Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile Completes First Firing Test

Baykar’s KEMANKEŞ 2 Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile Completes First Firing Test

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Turkiye’s leading defense firm, Baykar, has completed the first firing test of the KEMANKEŞ 2 Mini Intelligent Cruise Missile, developed indigenously and originally, at the Baykar Flight Training and Test Center in Keşan, Edirne.

The mini intelligent cruise missile has an endurance of about an hour, and can rapidly target the most critical enemy positions behind lines thanks to its jet engine. With an operational range of over 200 kilometers, the KEMANKEŞ 2, equipped with an AI-supported optical guidance system, has the ability to accurately destroy targets even under challenging weather conditions.

With its AI-supported autopilot system, the KEMANKEŞ 2 can autonomously fly and neutralize strategic targets with high precision, altering the dynamics on the battlefield. Usable under both night and day conditions, the KEMANKEŞ 2 features anti-jamming technology allowing it to operate without disruption from electronic interference. It will also provide data tracking support to the operator by transmitting all acquired data and images to the ground control station.

The first version of the mini intelligent cruise missile, KEMANKEŞ 1, developed by Baykar for targeting strategic objectives, was publicly displayed for the first time at TEKNOFEST 2023 held at Atatürk Airport from April 27 to May 1. Its first firing test was successfully completed on June 14, 2023, fired from a Bayraktar TB2 UAV.

Baykar, which has self-financed all its projects since its establishment, obtained 83% of its total revenue from exports since the beginning of the UAV R&D process in 2003. According to the Turkish Exporters Assembly’s (TIM) 2021 and 2022 data, Baykar became the top exporter in the defense and aerospace sector The Defense Industry Agency announced that Baykar was the top exporter within the sector in 2023 with $1.8 billion.

Baykar, which generated more than 90% of its revenue from exports in recent years, conducted a third of the sector’s exports alone in 2023. Baykar, the world’s leading UAV exporter, has 97.5% of its current contracts from exports. Export agreements have been signed with a total of 34 countries - including 33 countries for the Bayraktar TB2 UAV and 9 countries for the Bayraktar AKINCI UCAV.



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