VITEC Reveals Host of IP Video Product Enhancements at ISE 2023

02.02.2023 Products
VITEC Reveals Host of IP Video Product Enhancements at ISE 2023

VITEC Reveals Host of IP Video Product Enhancements at ISE 2023

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VITEC, a market-leading provider of IPTV, Video Streaming and Digital Signage Solutions, is showcasing a wide range of new products and enhancements at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE 2023) taking place at Fira Barcelona from 31st January to 3rd February 2023.

Following a year of considerable growth for the company, VITEC is demonstrating a host of user experience and workflow-enhancing additions and refinements across its suite of end-to-end IP video technologies, as well as previewing its next generation of RF Gateways.

“IPTV technology has enjoyed another strong year in the market and it’s exciting to be heading back to ISE to showcase even more enhancements to our portfolio,” said Colin Farquhar, Senior Vice President of Sales, VITEC. “Visitors will see demos of our updated IPTV and Digital Signage Platforms, with new features that fall in line with our principles of productivity, flexibility, security and continually improving user experience. We thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Barcelona in 2022, and look forward to re-connecting with our customers and partners once again.”

VITEC is showcasing an array of performance and workflow enhancements to both the EZ TV and Avedia (formerly Exterity) IPTV and Digital Signage platforms, which enable users to stream live and on-demand content, create and manage digital signage, and distribute TV and in-house content over existing networks.

Avedia IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

  • Device Location View

The Avedia Platform introduces the ability to view all IPTV end-points, including media players and SmartTVs, in a new floorplan view. Users can upload a floorplan image of their venue and view all devices in situ. Particularly useful for making changes to content around a venue whilst on the move.

  • Workflows app adds Trigger Decks

The Avedia Workflows app introduces a new, customisable and intuitive interface for quickly triggering multiple workflows. For example, in a multi-use stadium or arena environment that hosts a variety of events, the venue can be set up for these events at the push of a button.

  • Wayfinding

Get a sneak peek at VITEC’s dynamic wayfinding solution, coming soon in 2023, which provides turn-by-turn route mapping. for a variety of environments that can be complex to navigate, for example a multi-story corporate or healthcare building with many departments. The new-look content creation interface is used to create multiple routes, adding points of interest such as stairs, restrooms, parking, etc, with simple click-and-drag maps. End users interact with the wayfinding solution via touch screen kiosks.

  • ArtioSign and ArtioView get ready for the future of content creation

VITEC reveals a first look at the brand new and improved content creation interfaces for ArtioSign (digital signage) and ArtioView (interactive IPTV portal) applications, coming soon in 2023. The completely refreshed interfaces include a host of powerful new features aimed at making the creation of signage and portals more intuitive and easier than ever.

EZ TV IPTV & Digital Signage Platform

The latest release of VITEC EZ TV, version 8.2, includes a wide range of enhancements across multiple modules:

  • EZ TV Platform Server

Real-time end-point HDMI output snapshot - Signage Director now provides operators visual awareness in the form of a live view of the video and graphics EP5 and EP5+ End-Point outputs to the TV.

  • EZ TV Player Lite HTML5 Browser Player

The award-winning EZ TV Player Lite HTL5 browser Player brings numerous enhancements, including:

  • Ability to play VOD and NDVR recordings instantly from within Player Lite
  • Enhanced security support for SRT streams with the ability to play streams with SRT security + MPEG-TS AES security
  • RTSP stream support
  • View, search and playback VOD assets with multiple segments
  • On-the-fly support for content security and permission changes applied on the EZ TV Platform Server
  • Ability to trigger network DVR (NDVR) recordings to take place on VOD-ML Server

•           EZ TV End-Points & Video Wall Processors

  • VITEC EP5 and EP5+ now support SRT streams and vertical signs
  • VITEC Video Wall Processors now provide support for AES-128 CBC streams

•           EZ TEZ TV Player App LG WebOS

  • EZ TV Player App now supports LG WebOS 6.0 (in addition to WebOS 4.1)

•           EZ TV Mobile App

  • Virtual remote functionality for controlling end-points and TVs from your phone or tablet. Integrates with EZ TV Platform’s active directory feature, allowing the restriction of end-points and TVs a given user can control based on their AD credentials

Next Generation VITEC RF Gateways

VITEC’s RF Gateways capture live digital TV channels from any terrestrial, satellite or cable source - including those requiring the most stringent content protection requirements - and stream them over an IP network to an unlimited number of end-points. The new 45-series RF Gateways integrate seamlessly with both the Avedia and EZ TV IPTV and digital signage platforms, and deliver ultra-high reliability, enhanced performance along with a refreshed, intuitive UI..

VITEC is a market-leading provider of IPTV, Video Streaming and Digital Signage Solutions that help organisations harness the power of video to engage, empower and evolve. VITEC is a pioneer in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, archiving and streaming over IP. Our end-to-end video streaming solutions enable customers to capture TV and video content directly from any source and manage its delivery, as channels or within digital signage screens, to any connected device via an existing network. From corporate, broadcast and venues, to accommodation, government and military, VITEC has global expertise in delivering complex, proAV solutions.

VITEC’s award-winning IPTV platform is a powerful suite of services for content management, digital signage, video archiving, and video wall processing. Our encode/decode solutions are 100% hardware based, including PCIe cards with SDK for custom design or OEM for high-performance video systems.

Headquartered in Paris, France, we have a global reach through our offices across the Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific.

Making a difference with green initiatives, VITEC is the first Zero Carbon MPEG company and encourages customers to ‘buy GreenPEG’ for continued environmental efforts to reduce greenhouse gases.



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