ClanTect Launches Portable Human Presence Detection System for Military Operations

02.11.2022 Products
ClanTect Launches Portable Human Presence Detection System for Military Operations

ClanTect Launches Portable Human Presence Detection System for Military Operations

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ClanTect Ltd has launched the ClanTect MDT Mobile, a highly portable new generation Human Presence Wireless Detection System, which has been specifically designed for mobile patrol units and vehicle check points (VCP’s), to provide a fast, highly accurate, non-intrusive, roadside system for detecting the presence of human beings hiding within vehicles, trucks, trailers, and containers.

In the past, first-generation heartbeat detection systems have proved to be unreliable in roadside VCP’s as they are unable to isolate the very small forces generated by people hidden within a vehicle from those generated by environmental sources such as traffic, wind, machinery, and others commonly expected in a roadside situation.  In such environments the first generation systems generate so many false positives that make them almost unusable.

CEO, Professor Steve Daley, said: “The first-generation systems have been around for a long time and can work fine in the controlled environment of a screening shed, but outside a busy military base or port or by a roadside, first-generation systems simply cannot cope with ambient noise and wind. The key to making these systems work outside are unique algorithms developed by myself and colleagues here at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research. It is also necessary to use a specialised wind-frame, which can measure the wind accurately in real-time.”

“Together they enable the system to extract the effect of wind noise and ground vibrations and isolate the forces emanating purely from within the target vehicle,” he added.

ClanTect Mobile provides a smaller, more compact, wireless device; making them easy to deploy at roadside VCP’s, military bases, embassies or anywhere vehicles need to be checked for hidden occupants, regardless of traffic and windy weather conditions.

ClanTect’s systems are currently deployed within a wide range of organisations in the Border Security, Prisons and Critical Infrastructure markets. Customers include world leading organisations such as the UK Border Force and Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and Her Majesty’s Prison Service in the UK. Tens of thousands of clandestines and fugitives are detected by ClanTect systems each year, with hundreds of lives being saved.

ClanTect Limited is a UK registered company, formed in 2016, but is a company with over 40 years of experience in the field of sound, motion, and vibration technology.

ClanTect is now well established in delivering products and services, which are solving and overcoming significant challenges and threats in the security, defence, and maritime industries, in the UK and throughout Europe.






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