Thales unveils Sophie ZS and Sophie XF, two new handheld thermal imagers

08.09.2009 Products

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Thales today announces the expanding of its line of Sophie thermal imagers with the launch of two new products: Sophie ZS (Zoom Surveillance) mono-function and Sophie XF (eXtended Functions) multi-function. Both cameras are specially tailored to the requirements of homeland security and surveillance.

With more than 8000 Sophie cameras in operation in 45 countries, Thales’s Sophie product line is growing with two new fully integrated thermal imagers. Using the 3-5 µm band, both cameras allow long range surveillance in various adverse conditions such as humid weather.

Sophie ZS and XF are an integral part of the Sophie family and share many similarities with the “best sellers” Sophie LR (Long Range), Sophie MF (Multi Function) and Sophie XR (eXtended Range). All together, they make Thales the only company in the world to offer a comprehensive range of the latest, state-of-the-art handheld cameras and to meet the full spectrum of market requirements.

Sophie ZS and Sophie XF: two cameras dedicated to security and surveillance

As a world leader in the design of thermal imagers, Thales has equipped Sophie ZS and XF with the most recent staring array infrared technologies in order to deliver the optimum solution for surveillance applications. Moreover, both cameras feature a continuous optical zoom with image stabilisation and autofocus, thus delivering excellent precision and continuity. As such, they can provide smooth images from wide field of view (observation, urban zone) to narrow field of view (identification).

Sophie ZS is dedicated to long range surveillance using high quality optical zoom, integrating an ergonomic Human-Machine Interface and new communication tools which facilitate mission reporting.

Sophie XF is dedicated to long range target location and surveillance. This camera offers all of Sophie ZS’ functionalities and is also able to accurately locate moving targets in daylight and at night with accuracy even in poor weather conditions.

In addition, both cameras are network enabled using the latest technologies available on the civil market such has USB, Bluetooth and Ethernet, combined with extensive image storage (up to 2 GB) and video transmission capabilities.

Sophie, a complete and performing range of handheld thermal imagers

Thales’s Sophie product line meets the full spectrum of observation, surveillance, security, target designation and fire control requirements of today’s defence and security forces. Nondetectable due to its infrared operation, it can be used both day and night, under all weather conditions.

Offering now both 8-12 µm and the 3-5 µm bands, the Sophie cameras respond to all specific needs. Indeed, Thales considers the 8-12µm technology as the proven spectral band of the battlefield as it provides better images in adverse conditions such as fire, smoke, fog, haze, rain, sand and dust. However for other kinds of applications the 3-5 µm band cameras, such as Sophie ZS and XF, represent a more suitable solution as they allow to reach longer ranges, a particularly appropriate feature for surveillance and homeland security applications.




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