New Appointments at Hélidax

04.07.2013 New Appointments
New Appointments at Hélidax

New Appointments at Hélidax

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During the General Meeting of Hélidax, a subsidiary of DCI and INAER, held on 21 June, the following appointments were made:

  • Jean-Baptiste Pinton (photo) is appointed Chairman of Hélidax, superseding Jean-Louis Rotrubin.
  • Valérie Chemin is appointed Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Hélidax, superseding Jacques Vian.

Jean-Baptiste Pinton has a degree from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and is an ex-student of ENA (Michel de Montaigne promotion). In 1988, he was assigned to the Budget Department where two years later he became Assistant to the transport official. Sent to Singapore in 1992 as commercial attaché, he returned to France three years later as external affairs director at the Budget Department. Appointed in 1997 as assistant-director for the budget and financial interventions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he was first counselor at the French Embassy in South Africa from 2000 to 2002. He then held the functions of secretary general of the Institute of Nuclear Protection and Safety (IRSN).  Jean-Baptiste Pinton is deputy chief executive Officer of DCI (Défense Conseil International) since August 2007.

Valérie Chemin holds a bachelor's degree in economics from Rouen University. She integrated Heurtaux in 1986 and assumed different responsibilities before being appointed administrative and financial manageress. In 2001, she rejoined Proteus Hélicoptères. She successively held the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer before taking over the company's administrative and financial management following ELILARIO's entry in the body of shareholders. In 2008, she participated in the creation of Hélidax, first public-private partnership (PPP) for the ministry of defense, as administrative and financial manageress, a function that she still holds at the present time.

DCI was created in 1972 to assist military equipment sales to foreign countries. Its main mission consisted of providing operational training courses based on the know-how of the French Armed Forces.

DCI is an upper medium size service provider in which the French government is the concurring shareholder. DCI now operates throughout the defense and security spectrum. Culturally close to the Ministry of Defense, DCI offers outsourcing services to foreign countries, for:

  • Consulting and assistance throughout the life cycle of armament programs
  • Training engineering in the academic, operational and technical fields.

Lastly, DCI and its subsidiaries have been partners of the French Armed Forces for 10 years within the scope of service contracts and are endeavouring to extend their activities to European Union countries.

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