UMS SKELDAR Selects 360iSR for ISR Training

23.04.2020 North America
UMS SKELDAR Selects 360iSR for ISR Training

UMS SKELDAR Selects 360iSR for ISR Training

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Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms, UMS SKELDAR, has selected end-to-end Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) provider 360iSR to deliver specialist operational support from Concept of Operations (CONOPS) development to mission specific training for ISR operators, sensor operators and intelligence analysts.

“ISR is the future of modern warfare and of decision making in complex environments,” explained Ewen Stockbridge Sime, Founding Director of 360iSR.

“We are providing to UMS an end-to-end ISR training solution, from the initial operating concept to full operational capability (FOC). Our specialization is in ensuring that any end-user of an ISR capability can maximize value through integrated and synchronized operations. We strive to work with the end user to help them achieve FOC quicker,” he added.

With new rules of engagement coming in the next 12 months in the UAS industry, the need for change in the way training is delivered has become a must. A vital part of any UAS campaign, UMS has overhauled the way its training strategies and courses are delivered by adding not only specialist ISR training, but also by constantly reviewing its offering against the highest quality UAV standards.

David Willems, VP Business Development and Strategy for the joint venture between Saab and UMS AERO GROUP, UMS SKELDAR, noted: “This new partnership with one of the leading ISR organizations, 360ISR, will add significant weight to our training provision moving forwards. The dynamic nature of the mission space, especially in the military and maritime sectors, demands that we not only stay up-to-date with our wider UAV services, but also continually improve them in order to stay ahead of both the industry and the impending regulations.”

UMS SKELDAR’s portfolio of Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) rotary UAVs currently incorporates the unmatched SKELDAR V-200 and the newly launched V-150. Thanks to its pioneering heavy fuel engine that operates on Jet A-1, JP5 and JP8, alongside an ability to fly for over five hours with multiple payloads and extended time between overhauls (TBO), the SKELDAR V-200 is the global navies’ VTOL UAV of choice.

The V-150, on the other hand, is an ITAR-free high-performance UAV that operates on a turbine engine propulsion system that uses heavy fuels. Including an ability to carry multiple payloads across two payload bays (up to 30 kg in the main bay and up to 12 kg in the nose), the V-150’s modular design enables a high degree of maintainability alongside a minimum turn-around time during operations.

UMS SKELDAR, a joint venture between Saab and UMS AERO Group, is Europe’s leading provider of Rotary Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) platforms including the unmatched NATO-compliant rotary SKELDAR V-200 and the ITAR-free light-tactical R-350. Incorporating the Sentient Vision Systems ViDAR (Visual identification Detection and Ranging) payload into its vertical take-off & landing (VTOL) fleet, UMS SKELDAR is engaged in a highly active research and development program, and provides solutions to a wide variety of defense, civil security and maritime sectors globally.

The company is headquartered near Basel in Switzerland, with twin manufacturing facilities in Switzerland (Möhlin) and Sweden (Linköping) and offers a comprehensive unmanned aerial systems (UAS) solutions portfolio. The company provides a total solutions capability globally, including development, manufacture, testing, training, consultancy, maintenance, managed services and finance options (incorporating purchase/leasing and lease purchase).          

360iSR provides a bespoke service to niche clients that want to understand the application of ISR to their domain. 360iSR has an extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ courses but can adjust training output to meet the customers’ requirement. Its training covers the ISR domain. 

From firepower and security to farms and smart cities, 360isR  has supported clients with UAS pilot, sensor and technician training and led a CONOPs workshop to investigate ISR in an urban environment. 360iSR has trained border guards on the tenets and applications of ISR and taught multi-national military organizations. It has assisted banks and farms to understand crop management and helped a client discover the power of ISR when applied to natural resource protection.



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