SCR Participates in Spanish Air Force’s Annual Training Exercise

11.01.2019 North America
SCR Participates in Spanish Air Force’s Annual Training Exercise

SCR Participates in Spanish Air Force’s Annual Training Exercise

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The aerial and land targets of SCR, a company of the everis Aerospace, Defense, and Security Group, have recently participated in the annual training exercise Dardo 2018, organized by the Combat Air Command (MACOM) of the Spanish Air Force. Specifically, SCR provided the SCRAB II (aerial target) and RRS-1 (land target) systems for the maneuvers. 

The novelty of these exercises lay in the use, for the first time, of unmanned, moving ground vehicles, which were used as targets for the AGM-65G ‘Maverick’ air-to-surface missiles, launched from F-18 aircrafts. During the maneuvers, carried out at the Bardenas Reales shooting range (Navarra), three of SCR’s RRS-1 land targets were used.

As highlighted on the website  of the Air Force, the use of these platforms ‘makes it possible to notably increase the realism of the exercise, improving the training of aircrews.’

The SCRAB II aerial target had previously participated in other air-to-air and surface-to-air 441rrtarget practices. These campaigns comprised a total of 17 flights involving Eurofighter and F-18 aircrafts, as well as the Air Deployment Support Squadron (EADA) with Aspide-type surface-to-air missiles.

During the development and execution of the practices, the SCR team worked closely with the personnel of the Combat Air Command. The company was responsible for the supply of the target systems and the auxiliary systems, including the preparation of the platforms and the necessary payloads, as well as the transportation, loading, and withdrawal thereof.

The RRS-1 and SCRAB II systems are two of the products developed and manufactured by SCR. RRS-1 is a land target designed to be used in different types of scenarios thanks to its 4x4 traction. It has an operating range of up to 10 kilometers, and a maximum speed of 65 km/h.

On the other hand, SCRAB II is one of the most outstanding products of the SCR catalogue. It is a high-end air target with two jet engines, ready for integration with a wide variety of payloads.

SCR, a company of everis Aerospace, Defense, and Security Group, is a leading Spanish company in the design, mass production, and commercialization of unmanned systems. Founded in 1994, it has sold over 800 aircrafts and operated more than 2,000 flights. The company stands out for its ability to provide integrated solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

everis Aerospace, Defense, and Security is a company of the everis Group that provides global solutions for the implementation of critical systems integrating reliable and innovative technologies developed by them, either directly or through the SMEs they invest in, or by the technological partners with whom they have strategic alliances.


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