RUAG Wins Contract for the French Army

10.08.2018 North America
RUAG Wins Contract for the French Army

RUAG Wins Contract for the French Army

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RUAG Defence has recently been awarded another major contract for the French Army. The international technology group will be developing a total of 500 laser-based target systems that allow for realistic training exercises to prepare infantry troops. Delivery is scheduled to take place over the next two to three years. With this order, RUAG Defence is expanding its position as a specialist for state-of-the-art simulation solutions in France.


RUAG Defence has been commissioned to develop 500 laser-based target systems for the French Army. The mobile systems are easy to use and can be deployed flexibly, during the day and at night, as well as being compatible with two-way laser systems such as UCATT. As a result, they enable top-level realistic training for soldiers and meet the highest requirements of modern armed forces.


The contract also includes repair and maintenance work, which means RUAG Defence will ensure the operational capability of the systems for the next seven years. The contract will be fulfilled via RUAG Defence France SAS.



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