COPPER-MATRIX® SX for Realistic Urban Training

16.02.2011 North America
COPPER-MATRIX® SX for Realistic Urban Training

COPPER-MATRIX® SX for Realistic Urban Training

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While today’s Realistic Urban Training (RUT) focuses primarily on basic tactics and marksmanship skills, it has two implicit, fundamental flaws. To ensure safety during live-fire tactical training, a minimum shooting distance of 15 m (49 ft) from the target must be maintained. This distance greatly exceeds the typical distance of 2 – 7 m (6.5 – 23 ft) officers encounter. To allow for firing from a closer range, blanks are often used; however, this essentially eliminates the authenticity of the experience.  In either case, the realism, and as a result, the effectiveness of the training is significantly reduced.

For the maximum educational benefit, trainees must hone their skills to the same standards and under the same conditions they will encounter on duty. The solution is COPPER-MATRIX® SX Frangible Ammunition from AMMOTEC, which effectively eliminates the risks of close-range shooting, while providing an unparalleled, realistic training environment.

Upon impact, COPPER-MATRIX® SX Frangible Ammunition completely disintegrates into small fragments which immediately lose their energy, minimizing the risks of ricochets and backsplashes.  As a result, shooters can engage targets from a close, nearly point-blank range, reflecting the situations they face on duty. This also allows the instructors and staff to closely observe and provide instantaneous feedback, helping to refine the educational process.

RUT must accurately represent the tense environment of an actual engagement; therefore, the environment created during an exercise must replicate the stressful conditions under which officers make critical decisions. As live-fire rounds, COPPER-MATRIX® SX Frangible Ammunition provides the realism needed for trainees to learn how to remain calm under pressure, accurately assess a situation and fire with precision under duress.

Finally, COPPER-MATRIX® SX Frangible Ammunition has a lead-free bullet, and uses RUAG’s proprietary SINTOX® primer, which is completely free of all heavy metals. Additionally, smaller fragments are specifically designed to be trapped within the polymer, preventing particulates from becoming airborne and eliminating the risks of respiratory issues. Besides being environmentally friendly, COPPER-MATRIX® SX is completely recyclable.

For high intensity, close quarter RUT, shooters must develop their skills using safe, realistic and environmentally friendly ammunition. The key to maximizing the benefits of Realistic Urban Training is the COPPER-MATRIX® SX Frangible Ammunition from AMMOTEC.


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