ASELSAN Showcases Innovative Capabilities at IDEF 2021

17.08.2021 Europe
ASELSAN Showcases Innovative Capabilities at IDEF 2021

ASELSAN Showcases Innovative Capabilities at IDEF 2021

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ASELSAN, as a leading global technology company, is showcasing its latest solutions at IDEF15th edition of the International Defense Industry Fair, taking place in İstanbul (TÜYAP),Turkey, from August 17 to 20, 2021.

One of the most significant fairs in the world, IDEF brings together defense professionalsevery two years to review the future of defense technology across the land, sea, air, andspace arenas.

This year, visitors will experience ASELSAN’s world-class innovations under the COVID-19precautions.

“At ASELSAN, we do not only develop technology to the high-end, but also continues to makea difference with our innovative ideas. This year, we are excited to exhibit our most innovativedefense capabilities engaging with our partners. We are ready for new partnerships and inviteall of our stakeholders to our booth to discover our cutting-edge technology for the futureopportunities,” said Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Chairman, President and CEO.

As a global technology leader, ASELSAN has established an organization that delivers newexperiences to its users all across the world. By investing into its highly diversified humanasset, ASELSAN keeps growing in a sustainable and inspiring fashion.

A journey began with a radio communication device today took ASELSAN to more than 500 variousproducts and solutions that changed “status quo ante” in defense and security arena. Aselsan’sambitious global expansion strategy made us embracing investment opportunities in promising markets.

With the inspiration of its clients in more than 70 countries, ASELSAN starts every new day with new ideas and dreams that encourage it to challenge technology boundaries.




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