Naval Group’s CEO Elected New President of GICAN

07.07.2021 Europe
Naval Group’s CEO Elected New President of GICAN

Naval Group’s CEO Elected New President of GICAN

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The Group of Construction Industries and Naval Activities (GICAN) held its General Assembly last Wednesday, June 30, 2021 in Paris. This event was an opportunity to look back on a particular year, during which manufacturers were able to show resilience. The Board of Directors elected its new chairman, in the person of Mr. Pierre Éric Pommellet, Chairman and CEO of Naval Group.

The Board of Directors elected its new Chairman, Mr. Pierre Éric Pommellet, current CEO of Naval Group. He will be assisted in his task by MM. Louis Le Pivain, 1st Vice-President and Hervé Guillou, 2nd Vice-President.

The responsibility of Secretary General has been assigned to Mr. René-Jean Crignola and that of Treasurer to Mr. Philippe Garelli.

Regarding his election, Mr. Pierre Éric Pommellet declared: “It is with great enthusiasm that I take the Presidency of GICAN. The industry can fully count on my commitment to promote its interests. I would like to thank the members and members of GICAN, who place their trust in me for this mandate, but also Hervé Guillou for the work accomplished.”

“My wish is to develop ever more solidarity in the sector, in particular for the benefit of SMEs and mid-cap companies, to strengthen the industrial performance of our members and to federate actions of representation or promotion in France and abroad of all skills,” he added.

“We must, through GICAN, continue to assert the strategic character of our industry within the whole economy, and work in favor of the maritime power that we represent,” stressed Pommellet.

As recalled in his introductory speech by Mr. Hervé Guillou, President of GICAN from June 2017 to the end of June 2021, the past year has been trying for manufacturers, but they have been able to maintain their levels of activity. As the “long-term” industry par excellence, the sector remains attentive in order to guard against a probable counter-cyclical crisis, linked to the difficulty of traveling and of staying close to export customers. The figures show a reduction in cumulative turnover of 1.1 billion euros between 2019 and 2020, from 12.3 billion euros in 2019 to 11.25 billion euros in 2020. The shipbuilding industry France has been able to develop new forms of solidarity and preserve as many jobs as possible, 46,500 direct jobs compared to 48,100 in 2019.

Since mid-2017, the number of members has grown by 30%, which indicates the interest of a professional union for companies. In total, 33 new members joined GICAN during this General Assembly, which brings their number to 219. These figures are proof that the work carried out by the Group, to increase its level of services, is recognized and considered as useful to the different professions it represents. These new members also bear witness to the quality of GICAN's support in the introduction of new areas of development and new technologies within and for the benefit of our sector.

The President of Armateurs de France, Jean-Emmanuel Sauvée, and Pierre Éric Pommellet spoke of the work carried out this year between shipowners and manufacturers, in particular within the framework of the Fontenoy du Maritime. This exercise gave rise to a charter which aims to support the development of our maritime industry and national economic solidarity. The two organizations have decided to work together for the benefit of the French economy and competitiveness, while respecting competition rules. Following the health crisis and its lessons, it is now a question of unleashing the full potential of the French maritime economy and working for the revival and reindustrialization of coastal areas.



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