Navantia Opens the Navantia Training Centre (NTC) in Spain

BNA Photo: BNA14.05.2021 Europe
Navantia Opens the Navantia Training Centre (NTC) in Spain

Navantia Opens the Navantia Training Centre (NTC) in Spain

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Navantia has opened in the city of San Fernando (Cádiz) its Navantia Training Centre (NTC), which will be a key asset for the company in its pursuit of excellence and a leading training centre in the naval industry.

The NTC will host both internal and external activities. Three main lines of in-house activities are planned for the NTC: training programs for ship crews; training and coaching for Navantia personnel; and exclusive events such as conferences, seminars, technological events, exhibitions, team boosters, internal communication events, marketing 4.0 and commercial intelligence activities, Corporate Social Responsibility activities, etc.

Therefore, the centre will project the company’s image both inside and outside Spain, allowing the development of training programs and other activities for the naval and defence industry. As a company that provides integral solutions, with NTC Navantia will be able to offer an added value service to the international Navies. The centre was formally inaugurated the 3rd of May by the Chairman of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez, and the Mayoress of San Fernando, Patricia Cavada.

The centre has put in place Navantia’s largest training program in its history, which is intended for the crews of the corvettes for the Royal Saudi Naval Forces (RNSF) currently under construction at the Bahía de Cádiz shipyard. Over two years, a total of 670 people will be trained in this centre, belonging to the different groups of apprentices - five crews, repair facility maintainers, instructors and engineers.

Moreover, NTC started its activities in the technological field on May 12th, hosting a conference on unmanned vehicles applications in the naval and offshore sector organized by the Cadiz Naval Maritime Cluster, with CATEC (Advanced Centre for Aerospace Technologies) and with the collaboration of the Cadiz Province Council.

The NTC is located in the ‘El Barco’ building thanks to a collaboration agreement between the San Fernando City Council and Navantia, which has been refurbished into a training centre with state-of-the-art equipment.

In its 4,000 square metres it houses 17 classrooms, several Navantis series simulator classrooms (including the Navantis Avatar Immersion Tool), a welding simulator classroom, five Avatar system classrooms, a VR/AR room, a conference room, a multi-purpose room, different meeting rooms, a canteen and a number of agile spaces.

This NTC building is the first Navantia building to incorporate the new “open space” corporate workspace design throughout the entire surface area. In addition, the centre is equipped with a powerful integrated audiovisual system that provides, in addition to other features, full connectivity for e-learning.

“This NTC is entirely integrated in Navantia’s Strategic Plan. It is designed to be a key element for the training of our personnel and a centre of attraction for future training services programs with national and foreign clients,” explained the Chairman Ricardo Domínguez.

Navantia is a worldwide leader in the design, construction and integration of military vessels with a high technological component, for the Spanish Navy, which makes it a strategic company, as well as for the international market. The company’s areas of business include the design and manufacture of combat and command and control systems, integrated platform control systems, firing directions, propulsion plants and life-cycle support. Navantia’s commitment to diversification and renewable energies has also made it a major player in the field of offshore wind power

Navantia belongs to the SEPI Group, a holding company which comprises a total of 15 public companies in which it has direct and majority shareholdings, with more than 78,000 professionals.




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