Leonardo to Supply Super Rapid Systems to New German Corvettes

05.11.2018 Europe
Leonardo to Supply Super Rapid Systems to New German Corvettes

Leonardo to Supply Super Rapid Systems to New German Corvettes

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Leonardo signed a contract with the Bundesamt für Ausrüstung, Informationstechnik und Nutzung der Bundeswehr, the German Federal Office in charge of defense acquisitions, to provide seven OTO 76/62 Super Rapid systems that will equip the new K130 corvettes of the German Navy. The contract also includes training and spare parts supply.

With this new acquisition, Leonardo's naval gun becomes the reference defense system for the German Navy, which has already tested the capabilities of the compact version of the system,  integrated on the first batch of corvettes following a previous contract.

The signing of the contract strengthens the historical collaboration with the country and with the Agency. Leonardo has indeed provided the first naval artillery systems, in particular the 76/62 Compact, starting from the 70s; the most recent supplies include the 127/64 Vulcano naval guns and the Hitrole 12.7 turrets currently on board the F125 Frigate.

The OTO 76/62 SR system, part of Leonardo's naval artillery offer, represents a commercial success. In service with almost 60 Navies worldwide, the system is the only medium-caliber, together with compact version, capable of sustaining a fire rate of up to 120 strokes per minute, a fundamental requirement for defense in asymmetrical war scenarios.

It is characterized by the lightweight, accuracy and use of guided ammunition. The flexibility of use makes it particularly suitable for anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense and for point defense. It can be integrated on any type and class of ship, including smaller units.

Depending on the configuration, the OTO 76/62 Super Rapid could include the STRALES capability to fire DART guided ammunition specifically designed for the engagement of fast maneuverings targets, the VULCANO GPS-guided long-range ammunition able to engage a target with an excellent accuracy as well as the Multi Feeding (MF) device for the ammunition automatic handling.

Recently, the OTO 76/62, which has been developed more efficient and effective, has successfully completed a cyber assessment that guarantees the product against any hostile cyber-attacks, particularly threatening in increasingly sophisticated systems.

Leonardo is among the top ten global players in Aerospace, Defense and Security and Italy’s main industrial company.

Organized into seven business divisions (Helicopters; Aircraft; Aero-structures; Airborne & Space Systems; Land & Naval Defense Electronics; Defense Systems; Security & Information Systems), Leonardo operates in the most competitive international markets by leveraging its areas of technology and product leadership.

Listed on the Milan Stock Exchange (LDO), in 2017 Leonardo recorded consolidated restated revenues of 11.7 billion Euros and has a significant industrial presence in Italy, the UK, the U.S. and Poland



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