Bittium Wins Order from Finnish Defense Forces

13.12.2017 Europe
Bittium Wins Order from Finnish Defense Forces

Bittium Wins Order from Finnish Defense Forces

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Bittium has received a purchase order from the Finnish Defense Forces for versatile Bittium Tough Comnode terminal. The purchase order concerns the final phase of the terminal’s productization over a duration of nine months and the delivery of a batch of the terminals to the Finnish Defense Forces after the end of the productization phase.

Bittium Tough Comnode will fulfill the data transfer needs of the Finnish Defense Forces’ mobile troops by functioning for example as a VoIP phone (Voice over IP), an IP router (Internet Protocol), and an SHDSL repeater (Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber Line).

Bittium Tough Comnode is rugged, easy to install in different environments and is also portable by soldiers on the battlefield. The terminal is compatible with the software defined radio based Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™ (TAC WIN) system, which is meant for broadband tactical data transfer and is used by the Finnish Defense Forces. The terminal offers diverse connectivity options also to third-party equipment and systems. Bittium Tough Comnode also enables using legacy Combat Net Radios (CNR) as part of the IP-based tactical communication system (Radio over IP, RoIP).

The value of the purchase order is EUR 1.1 million (excl. VAT). The purchase order has no effect on Bittium's financial outlook for the year 2017, published on October 10, 2017 in Bittium's financial guidance for the year 2017.

Bittium is a trusted Finnish company with over 30 years of experience in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing.

For Defense & Security market Bittium provides the most modern and high-performance products and solutions for tactical & secure communications.

The products and solutions for tactical communications bring broadband data and voice to all troops across the battlefield.

For secure communications Bittium offers proven mobile devices and cyber security solutions certified up to confidential level. 



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