RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Showcases First VLTP-NP Prototype

05.09.2017 Europe
RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Showcases First VLTP-NP Prototype

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense Showcases First VLTP-NP Prototype

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On 4 and 5 September, RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is taking part in the Defense Summer School in Toulon, France. The event serves as a showcase for the first prototype of the VLTP-NP Standard 1.

On 8 December 2016, when visiting the CMCO plant at Fourchambault (Nièvre department), the French Minister of Defense announced the awarding of a contract for the acquisition of 3700 general-purpose light tactical vehicles (VLTP-NP), and the supply of their support system, to RENAULT TRUCKS Defense.

The 3700 vehicles will be produced on the Saint-Nazaire site over a period of more than four years, thereby ensuring regular activity for this plant.

This involves the militarization of a civil vehicle base (station wagon type) reinforced, in particular, with ruggedized chassis and suspension, and on which RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENSE will integrate operational elements.

The first Standard 1 prototypes, presented at the Defense Summer School, will be delivered in September 2017 to the DGA for a test phase, enabling their qualification with a view to entering into service.

The VLTP NP Standard 1 is equipped with mountings for the AIF (“Arme Individuelle Future” – “Future Individual Weapon”): the HK416 rifle. These vehicles have a reinforced chassis (wheels suited to all-terrain, reinforced suspension, etc.) and they incorporate underbody protection plates, a reinforced rear fender and protective grilles on the headlights.

A first series of 96 models of this Standard 1 will be delivered on 23 January 2018. A series of 100 vehicles will then be delivered every month until May.

In-Service Maintenance (MCO) is included from the outset and for the duration of the contract. A fixed-price support package guarantees 95% technical-operational availability (DTO) for 14 years throughout France.

As for the Standard 2, to be delivered from October 2018, it will provide the VLTP-NP with airlift capability and the elements necessary for its qualification with a view to overseas operations (OPEX), such as the integration of tactical transmission systems, GPS, blackout lighting mechanisms and protective grilles on all glazed surfaces.

RENAULT TRUCKS Defense, one of the three members of the consortium to which the French Ministry of Defense awarded the Scorpion contract on 5 December 2014, will be involved in the production of the new generation of vanguard vehicles for the French Army: the VBMR and the EBRC. RENAULT TRUCKS Defense is responsible, in particular, for providing the powertrains for these two vehicles, and for handling the entire supply chain for the spare parts and components of the Scorpion program.



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