REMULES Carbon-Fiber Solar System at NATO Camp

04.08.2015 Europe
REMULES Carbon-Fiber Solar System at NATO Camp

REMULES Carbon-Fiber Solar System at NATO Camp

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At the NATO camp, Capable Logistician 2015 (8-19 June, Hungary), a range of renewable energy solutions were tested as part of NATO’s efforts to cut cost while enhancing interoperability and military effectiveness. The long-term goal of NATO is to introduce technologies that can reduce the fuel consumption by troops deployed on military operations. REMULES was one of the important renewable energy players, hand-picked among the most esteemed companies in the industry.

At the NATO camp a total of 1,700 troops participated and more than 50 pieces of renewable equipment were tested and analyzed. Featured scenarios for the “Smart Energy” players consisted of responding to power cuts, diesel and water contaminations and generator breakdowns. With support of NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme, valuable input from 30 experts from defense agencies and research institutes was collected and monitored.

REMULES is a complete, all-in-one solar system, which means that the system, contained in a box, includes all the components necessary for its functioning as well as separate battery units to ensure a directly available and uninterrupted supply of electrical power. With its output of 2 kWp, the system can operate 100% stand-alone or in co-generation with other generators. Thanks to its integrated bi-axial sun tracking mechanism, REMULES is the most efficient solar system available, producing up to 40 % more energy than fix mounted systems.

The main specificity of REMULES is its carbon fiber technology, ensuring a robust design while minimizing the weight of all major components. Thus the system has shock-absorbing capabilities and can be airdropped in remote areas where infrastructure is lacking or has been destroyed. 

With a net weight of only 190 kg, the system can then be comfortably carried by four people to the camp and set up for operation in just 10 minutes by one person. REMULES has been extensively tested under the toughest conditions and can operate in extreme environments such as sandy, dusty deserts or mountain regions with snow and ice, which is precisely what is required for the vast range of modern operations around the globe.

REMULES (REnewable Mobile Ultra Light Energy System) is manufactured in Austria, by smartflower energy technology GmbH.



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