Nexter Robotics Sells 50 Robotics Systems in 2014

26.02.2015 Europe
Nexter Robotics Sells 50 Robotics Systems in 2014

Nexter Robotics Sells 50 Robotics Systems in 2014

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Two years ago the Nexter Group announced the creation of a new subsidiary, Nexter Robotics, specialized in the design and marketing of land and air-land robots for defense and security applications. In 2013, Nexter Robotics acquired Wifibot, expert in the design of low cost research and development robots.

Armed with a consolidated and diversified range, Nexter Robotics sold more than 50 systems to customers such as the GIGN, the Swiss Police, Burma and the Dutch Army in 2014.

Today Nexter Robotics is still working on strengthening the versatility of the NERVA® robot, which can already carry out varied missions in defense, security, surveillance and rescue domains.

Among the new functionalities of the NERVA® robot shown at the IDEX exhibition, the highlights include the introduction of new modules (3D vehicle scan, 2-channel audio intercom, etc.), a new mobility kit with tracks to extend the robot's deployment zone (stairs, ruins, etc.) and a lighter portable control station that facilitates on-foot operations.

New semi-autonomous assistance functions have also been developed, including personnel tracking, autonomous navigation and multi-robot supervision.

Laurent Bouraoui, Technical Director of Nexter Robotics, announced that “today, NERVA® has reached its full maturity and has all the capabilities required to provide a real operational advantage to the forces.”

Several orders are expected in 2015, as the prospects in France and abroad are promising.

Nexter applies its expertise in land defense systems to meet the needs of the French army and other forces internationally. The scope of its business includes the supply of weapons systems and ammunition for Army, Air Force, Navy and law enforcement applications.

In 2013, Nexter reported revenue of 787 million euros, of which 18% was allocated to Research & Development. The range of products offered by Nexter includes: CAESAR®, TRAJAN® and 105LG1 Artillery systems, Leclerc MBT, VBCI IFV and ARAVIS® highly protected armored vehicles, TITUS®, an armored 6x6, and BONUS smart ammunition, all backed by customer service, support and recycling.



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