ST Kinetics at Eurosatory 2010

16.06.2010 Europe

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ST Kinetics, the land systems arm of ST Engineering, introduces the all new 40mm Low Velocity Extended Range (LVER) ammunition at Eurosatory 2010.

The 40mm LVER round is the latest addition to ST Kinetics’ 40mm munitions family, and is designed specifically for the urban battlefield.  Compared with a conventional low velocity round, the LVER ammunition has a 30% shorter time of flight, a flatter trajectory and covers a longer range.  This greatly enhances the accuracy and range of each shot.

The LVER round can be fired from any conventional 40mm low velocity grenade launchers, including the CIS 40GL and M203, and can thus be easily and quickly introduced into service.  Four types of LVER ammunition are currently being produced, namely the High Explosives, High Explosives Dual Purpose, Target Practice Marker and Flash & Bang rounds.

"We are pleased to introduce the LVER ammunition as the latest addition to our 40mm munitions family.  The LVER round is a highly effective solution for urban close-quarter combat with its improved accuracy and shorter time of flight.  As the 40mm munitions global market leader, ST Kinetics continues to innovate to deliver enhanced war fighters' effectiveness at the soldier level", said Sew Chee Jhuen, President, ST Kinetics


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